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Chow Ti (Stephen Chow) is a poor laborer working on construction sites. He lives in a partially demolished house with his son, Dicky (Xu Jiao). Chow is eager to save money so he can continue sending his son to private school, to ensure that his life will be better in the future. However, Dicky is often bullied by other children and his teacher (mainly due to his lowly status), and he usually finds comfort with a young educator, Ms. Yuen (Kitty Zhang Yuqi).
One day, while at a department store, Dicky begs his father to buy him a popular robotic toy called CJ1. Chow cannot afford it, and the situation ends badly when Chow spanks the stubborn Dicky in front of other customers. Again, Dicky finds comfort in Ms. Yuen, who is passing by. That night, Chow visits the junkyard where he often picks up home appliances and clothes for Dicky. He finds a strange green orb and takes it home, telling Dicky that it is a new toy, better than the robot they saw earlier. Dicky is hesitant at first, but agrees to keep it. The following evening, the orb transforms into a cuddly alien creature that befriends Dicky. After playing, he names the alien "CJ7", and then falls asleep. He dreams that the alien will help him gain popularity and good grades at school (parodying Stephen Chow's previous films, Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle). Buoyed by his dream, Dicky takes CJ7 to school the following morning, but he receives a zero on his exam and is humiliated during physical education. Frustrated, Dicky tries to dispose of the CJ7, but realizes his mistake and later reconciles with it. The next day, because of his alien pet, Dicky begins to make new friends at school. However, when his father discovers that he lied about his bad exam result, Chow confiscates CJ7, arguing that Dicky will never pass school if there are distractions. The father and son fall out, so Dicky sticks close to Ms. Yuen, who promises she will look after him. This cheers Chow up somewhat, who fears he might lose his son's love.
Later, while Chow is working on a skyscraper, his foot becomes entangled in a rope attached to an oxygen tank. The tank is knocked off the building, pulling him along with it. He later dies at a hospital, and Ms. Yuen takes Dicky home, explaining what has happened. The boy then shoves his teacher out of the house; through his tears he tells himself that his father would never leave him alone.
At the hospital, CJ7, using its otherworldly powers, revives Chow and transports him home. The next morning, Dicky, in tears of happiness, promises his father he will never give up at school or in life. The cost of CJ7's rescue is high, as his own life fades away through the exhaustion. While Dicky waits and waits for his pet to resurrect, his notepad opens on an unfinished page and a pencil writes a message (presumably from CJ7): continue with your schoolwork. Following the advice, things return to normal, with Chow attempting to flirt with Ms. Yuen (with little success), and Dicky playing with his new school friends. Finally, after he prays, Dicky sees a UFO land nearby, from which run hundreds of little aliens.

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