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Free Download ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer

Free document viewer for Android
*Updated Version shows office related files only
ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer
-View MS Office docs(Word/Excel/Powerpoint)
-Send/View email attachments
-Seamless integration with ThinkFree Online
-Support Google Drive
Application applies to Froyo to ICS.
• View your documents that you needed to bring to your PC
• Simple and intuitive user interface optimized for your smartphone
Main Features:
• Fast to open and scroll
• High rendering quality and compatibility
• Optimized file management on mobile devices
• Online storage service (ThinkFree Online, Google Drive)
• Print function (need to buy “ThinkFree Mobile Printer” Application)
* File Manager
Optimized file management and UX make it easy to perform common tasks such as multi-selection, open, rename, search, copy, delete, and send. Quick and easy access to the recent files list enables you to find recently edited documents conveniently.
* Online Storage
Documents can be uploaded or downloaded via web storage services such as ThinkFree Online and Google Drive. In the future, various cloud services will also be linked through the Cloud Connector Service for synchronizing content on various devices and platforms.
* Rendering Quality
Compatible with respect to 3D shapes, Pro provides high quality figures and renders various object effects such as neon, shadow, and reflection. It also displays smart art that is compatible with MS Office.

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